Do you want to be on Anthony Bourdain’s new show at 2 in the morning? Yes, yes I do.

And now…….my Anthony Bourdain story. My brief brush with Travel Channel stardom occurred approximately 2 weeks ago, after a fun night out of drinking and singing karaoke. My coworker Georg and I were walking home (we live about 5 minutes from each other) at 2 am when we were approached by a man on the street. Now, the street was pretty much deserted. I saw a white van across the street (never a good sign), so when the man asked us if we wanted to be filmed for a tv show, I was like  no thanks, buddy,  I don’t do those kinds of TV shows. Upon hearing my accent, the man asked if I was American. I said yes and said, “Well you know Anthony Bourdain?” Um, duh. It’s kind of impossible not to know Anthony Bourdain. He is like the most likeable jerk I’ve ever watched eat pig anus on television (not being crude…he actually ate that. HELLO. This is the man that singlehandedly tried to take down the diabetic sugar monger that is Paula Deen. He once said he would like to take a big effing (edited for the chillens) can of gasoline and light the Olive Garden on fire. He said he would eat a PERSON if he could. Not only that; when asked if he would eat a human, he responded, “Yes, yes I f*ckin’ would.” He’s a legend.


Back to the story.


“Yes, I know Anthony Bourdain.” What of it, weirdo in the street? Well apparentlllyyyy….weirdo in the street was actually a part of Bourdain’s production crew. Bourdain had been in Dublin filming for his newest show “The Layover” in which he spends 24-48 hours on a layover in another country. He had already finished his filming and had moved on, but his crew was still filming other restaurants to present as options on the show. I drunkenly happened to be outside one of those options, a late-night diner, at 2 am. Production guy offered me and my friend free Irish breakfasts and all-we-could-drink wine to come sit in the restaurant and be filmed in the background. I feel kind of bad we thought he was a weirdo (but still, he seemed like a weirdo at the time).

Anyway, me and Georg go in, and the place is pretty quiet, but filled with randos eating and drinking. No crazy orgy happening. So we decided to partake. We ended up meeting a DJ from MD (woo!) who lived in Brazil who was DJ-ing at a Dublin music festival that weekend. THAT’s how random the night was. We ate, we drank, and we sat in there just chilling as the cameras rolled. Then, it ended. I walked home and went to bed, a little drunker than I had been when I walked into the dinner. I also ate a piece blood sausage during the meal. Don’t. Ever. My inebriation was my excuse, plus I was all, “Oh I’m so spontaneous, I’m just like Anthony Bourdain, eating blood is great!” It’s not. When I told my Irish coworkers, they were like, “Oh but doesn’t it taste good?” No, people. It tastes like blood. BLECH.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, some people might hate on Anthony Bourdain….but he gave me free breakfast and wine. So he’s cool with me.

Angry Anthony Bourdain


Where we filmed.


Mmmmm free Irish breakfast! And wine!