Here a sheep, there a sheep, everywhere a sheep sheep.

So, a couple weeks ago I had the sudden realization that in order to do everything I wanted to do while here in Ireland, I had to get a move on. Although I am here for 6 weeks, 5 out of 7 days of the week I am working 9-5. And everything closes before I get off work. So for the past two weekends, I have been going going going every second of the day. I’ve done three day tours, gone shopping (multiple times), sang┬ákaraoke, ate out, drank in a variety of bars, gone to see live Irish dancing and music at the Arlington hotel, and somehow managed to secure a spot as a potential extra on Anthony Bourdain’s show The Layover. Phew.

So to avoid writing the longest post of my life, I’ll be breaking everything down into smaller entries. Today we tackle Connemara and Anthony Bourdain.

The first day-tour I took was a solo trip to Connemara in Western Ireland. I can sum the trip up in two words: exhausting and absolutely beautiful (okay, three. not counting the “and”). Alternatively, sheep-y and green. The trip itself was like 14 hours long, 10 of which were spent sitting on a bus. We drove to Galway, switched busses, then spent 2 hours at the gorgeous Kylemore Abbey, a residence turned boarding school for girls turned nunnery.


Gorgeous Kylemore Abbey

My head and Kylemore Abbey

The rest of the time was spent making small stops– to take pictures of the scenery, to visit some stuff from the movie Quiet Man (I myself did not see this movie. However, the old people seemed to like this part of the trip), to visit Cong Village, and to feed a random pony.


Famine Walls in the countryside.

Victorian Walled Gardens at Kylemore

Hillary was at the Killary Fjord!

Fairy tree!

Cong Village

Random pony. He enjoyed apples and tried to bite one of the tourists.

We also saw these:


Lots and lots of these.

More sheep

Even more sheep


We then returned to Galway and took a packed bus (actually another bus because they overbooked the first one) back to Dublin. Although it was a long day, the lush, green scenery alone made up for it. Guess the constant rain has its benefits after all.


This is the part where I would have told you about Anthony Bourdain. But it’s my bedtime, I have work tomorrow, and I forgot to download Anthony Bourdain-related pictures, so I will hold off on that until tomorrow. CLIFFHANGER!!!!

In the meantime, I give you this (spoiler: I did not take this photo):

Anthony Bourdain with chopsticks….and a leaf?