busy little bee.

Welp, I survived the ghost tour. The “ghoulish” drink turned out to be somewhat of a girlish drink–a kind of fruity shooter. Go figure. Today I went on a 3.5 hour walking tour of Dublin, complete with a traditional Irish dinner afterwards. The tour was called Sandeman’s New Dublin–I also did Sandeman’s New Berlin and New Prague when I was in those cities–and as always, the tour was completely fascinating. If you ever head to Europe, or even the Middle East, keep your eyes out for these tours. They are completely free, and tips are encouraged but optional at the end.

Tomorrow bright and early (I have to BE there at 7 am) I will be heading to Connemara and Cong in Western Dublin on this tour: http://www.dublintourcompany.com/dtc/tourinfo.jsp?id=2
The scenery is supposed to be beautiful, and so is Kylemore Abbey. yay nature….and buildings? Because I have to be up so early, I’m cutting this post short. A longer post with lots of pretty pictures will be up in the next few days.

In the meantime, while you are feverishly waiting for my next post, you can curse the washing machine that broke and prevented me from a)writing a real post, and b)sleeping. I know I will.