The Layover

Just finally getting around to watching Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover: Dublin, which aired Monday and I somehow managed to get filmed for when I was in Dublin this summer (for background details on filming, see a few posts below this). You can see me for a second back-to at Gig’s, drinking wine across from a man in a blue coat (my friend Georg). It was amazing to see how many places showcased were in Ballsbridge (where I worked) and how I did and visited many of the exact things Bourdain showcased (like the Gravedigger tour, and the actor that we met who was from Cork–shoutout to Aileen, my tour buddy from Cork!). Despite the fact I was working every weekday I was there, I managed to do SO MANY things (which I still intend on writing about eventually). I feel proud for doing most of it alone, and also incredibly grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to do so. When I started this blog in 2009, I had no idea how many opportunities I would have and how many places I would go. I certainly had no expectations as to how I would manage to continue to travel 3 years later, and the ¬†ways in which I would do so. I guess I can officially say I did Dublin right.



PS.I’ll publish a screen shot of my millisecond of fame as soon as I can upload it to my computer